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Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 168 items in this directory:

OmegaT-3.5.01: The translation memory (TM) application written in Java
Sigil-0.9.10nb5: Multi-platform WYSIWYG ebook editor (for the ePub format)
TeXmacs-1.99.5nb9: GNU TeXmacs (free scientific text editor)
abiword-3.0.2nb4: Open Source cross-platform word processor
abiword-plugins-3.0.2nb4: Open Source cross-platform word processor
beav-1.40.18nb1: Binary Editor And Viewer, a full featured binary file editor
beaver- Lightweight GTK+ text editor with syntax highlighting
biew-6.1.0: Binary viewer/editor
bvi-1.4.0: Vi-like editor for binary files
ce-4.6nb1: Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , tty version
ce-doc-4.6nb2: Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , documentation
ce-x11-4.6nb2: Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , X11 version
codeblocks-16.01nb9: Open source, cross platform, free C++ IDE
codelite-9.1nb16: Cross platform C/C++/PHP and Node.js IDE written in C++
conglomerate-0.9.1nb60: XML editor for GNOME2
cooledit-3.17.17nb7: Full-featured text editor
dasher-4.10.1nb43: Easy typing without using keyboard
deforaos-editor-0.4.0nb7: DeforaOS desktop text editor
dhex-0.68nb3: The curses-based hex-editor with diff mode
dte-1.5: Small and easy to use console text editor
easyedit-1.4.6nb2: Easy to use text editor with onscreen instructions
ed-1.14.1: GNU version of line-oriented text editor
edt-1.9: Text editor which emulates the VAX VMS EDT editor
elvis-2.2.0nb11: Clone of vi with regex-search, hex-edit, HTML/LaTeX preview
elvis-x11-2.2.0nb1: Clone of vi with regex-search, hex-edit, HTML/LaTeX preview (X11)
em-1.0.0: Early V6 Unix line-based editor for mortals
emacs-26.1: Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
emacs-nox11-26.1: Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
emacs-packages-0.10: Meta-package for the GNU Emacs lisp packages
emacs25- GNU editing macros (development version)
emacs20-20.7nb24: GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs21-21.4anb40: GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs21-nox11-21.4anb14: GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs25-25.3nb13: GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs25-nox11-25.3: GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs26-26.1nb6: GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs26-nox11-26.1: GNU editing macros (editor)
ex-20040103nb4: Berkeley vi 3.7
fe-1.8nb2: Folding editor
gate-2.06nb1: Lightweight text editor
gconf-editor-2.32.0nb25: Editor for the GConf configuration system
gedit-2.30.4nb32: Lightweight GNOME2 text editor
gedit-python-2.30.4nb33: Lightweight GNOME2 text editor
gedit-3.22.1nb7: Lightweight GNOME UTF-8 text editor
ghex-2.24.0nb44: Hex editor
gice-0.6.2nb31: Powerful C text editor with advanced features
gnuserv-3.12.7nb4: Improved version of emacsserver for GNU Emacs
gobby-0.4.12nb36: Collaborative Editor
gtranslator-2.91.6nb11: Gettext po file editor for the GNOME2 desktop environment
gummi-0.6.6nb23: LaTeX editor, written in C/GTK+
heme-0.4.2nb3: Fast and portable console hex editor
hexcurse-1.60.0: Hexcurse is an ncurses-based console hexeditor written in C
hexedit-1.2.13nb2: To view and edit files in hexadecimal or ASCII
hnb-1.9.17nb5: Hierarchical data organizer
javascript-mode-2.2.1nb1: Javascript major mode for Emacs
jde-2.3.2nb2: Full-featured Java editing mode for emacs
jed-0.99.16nb2: Extensible folding editor with Emacs/WordStar/EDT emulations
joe-4.6: Joe's own editor
jove- Small emacs-style editor, but lacks the LISP engine
kate-4.14.3nb15: KDE advanced text editor
kile-2.1.3nb28: LaTeX source editor - TeX shell - Gnuplot front end
kilo-20160710: Small text editor in less than 1K LOC
leafpad-0.8.17nb28: Simple and light text editor using GTK+
leim-20.7nb7: Libraries of Emacs Input Methods
leim-21.4nb2: Libraries of Emacs Input Methods (for emacs21)
lpe-1.2.6nb3: Small and efficient programmer's editor for UNIX systems
lyx-2.3.2: Document processor and graphical frontend for LaTeX
manedit-0.8.1nb1: UNIX Manual (man, manpage) page editor, viewer, and browser for X11
matlab-mode-2.3.1nb3: Matlab mode for Emacs
medit-1.2.0nb9: Programming and around-programming text editor
mflteco-19920331nb1: MFL clone of Tape Editor and COrrector
mg-20110905nb4: Small, fast, public domain EMACS style editor
mg2a-1.11nb2: Small, fast, public domain EMACS style editor
mined-2000.15nb1: Html-aware editor
mlview-0.9.0nb49: XML editor for the GNOME environment
mule-2.3nb9: Multilingual GNU editing macros (editor)
Mule-UCS-0.84nb6: Another encoding conversion mechanism for Emacs
nano-3.2: Small and friendly text editor (a free replacement for Pico)
ne-3.15: Terminal text editor
nedit-5.5nb9: Motif based standard GUI style text editor
ng-1.4.4: Very light Emacs-clone with japanese support
notecase-1.8.8nb37: Hierarchical note manager
nts-78nb1: Simple GUI note taking application
nvi-1.81.6nb11: Berkeley nvi with additional features
nvi-m17n-1.79.20040608nb7: Clone of vi/ex, with multilingual patch
obby-0.4.8nb2: Library for distributed editing
p5-Acme-Padre-PlayCode-0.13nb9: Acme::PlayCode Plugin for Padre
p5-PPIx-EditorTools-0.21nb1: Utility methods and base class for manipulating Perl via PPI
p5-Padre-1.00nb6: Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
p5-Padre-Plugin-Autoformat-1.22nb1: Reformat text within Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-Catalyst-0.13nb1: Catalyst helper interface for Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-DataWalker-0.04nb1: Simple Perl data structure browser Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-Debugger-0.3nb9: Debug Perl code from Padre editor
p5-Padre-Plugin-Ecliptic-0.23nb1: Padre plugin that provides Eclipse-like useful features
p5-Padre-Plugin-Encrypt-0.12nb1: Padre plugin to encrypt/decrypt file
p5-Padre-Plugin-Git-0.12nb1: Simple Git interface for Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-HG-0.17nb1: Mecurial interface for Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-Kate-0.06nb1: Padre plugin using the Kate syntax highlighter
p5-Padre-Plugin-Nopaste-0.08nb1: Send code on a nopaste website from padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-PerlCritic-0.12nb7: Analyze perl files in Padre with Perl::Critic
p5-Padre-Plugin-PerlTidy-0.22nb7: Format perl files in Padre using Perl::Tidy
p5-Padre-Plugin-SVN-0.05nb8: Simple SVN interface for Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-SpellCheck-1.33nb1: Check spelling in Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-Vi-0.23.0nb8: Padre plugin proving a vi keyboard
p5-Padre-Plugin-XS-0.12nb1: Padre support for perl XS (and perlapi)
p5-Wx-Scintilla-0.39nb27: Scintilla source code editing component for wxWidgets
pico-4.10nb2: Text editor (ships with Pine), and Pine's text editing lib
pluma-1.21.2: Small and lightweight UTF-8 text editor for MATE
poedit-2.0.3nb16: Cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor
py27-editor-1.0.3: Module to open an editor programmatically
py27-jedi-0.11.0: Autocompletion tool for Python that can be used for text editors
rox-edit-2.0nb5: Simple text editor for ROX
sam-4.3nb4: Unix version of Rob Pike's editor for plan9
sandy-0.4nb2: Sandy is an ncurses text editor
sasm-3.6.0nb1: Simple crossplatform IDE for NASM, MASM, GAS and FASM
scite-3.3.9nb9: Source code editor
se-3.0.1nb1: Screen oriented version of ed
speedbar-0.14rc4nb4: Directory and code browser for emacs
ssam-1.9nb1: UTF-8-aware stream editor like sed(1), using the sam command set
tamago-20020909nb4: CJK characters inputting system for emacs + leim
tea-16.0.5nb41: Powerful, easy-to-use text editor for Gtk2
ted-2.21nb12: X11 based WordPad-like word processor
ted-cs-2.16nb1: Czech spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-da-2.16nb1: Danish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-de-2.16nb1: German spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-en-gb-2.16nb1: UK English spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-en-us-2.16nb1: US English spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-es-2.16nb1: Spanish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-fr-2.16nb1: French spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-it-2.16nb1: Italian spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-nl-2.16nb1: Dutch spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-no-2.16nb1: Norwegian spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-pl-2.16nb1: Polish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-pt-2.16nb1: Portuguese spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
ted-sv-2.16nb1: Swedish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
texmaker-4.5nb42: LaTeX editor and front end
texstudio-2.12.14nb1: Integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents
texworks-0.6.2nb17: Simple TeX front-end program
tomboy-1.2.1nb65: Gnome desktop note application
tweak-3.01nb2: Efficient hex editor
uemacs-4.0nb2: "emacs" key sequences compatible full screen editor
ve-1.0: NTHU-CS Maple BBS 2.36 BBS-like editor
vigor-0.016nb14: Excessive online "help" version of nvi
vile-9.8t: VI Like Emacs. a vi "workalike", with many additional features
vilearn-1.0: Online vi tutorial, from basic to advanced
vim-8.1.0800: Vim editor (vi clone) without GUI
vim-gtk2-8.1.0800nb3: Vim editor (vi clone) with X11 GTK2 GUI
vim-gtk3-8.1.0800nb2: Vim editor (vi clone) with X11 GTK3 GUI
vim-lang-8.1.0800: Language files for the vim editor (vi clone)
vim-motif-8.1.0800: Vim editor (vi clone) with X11 Motif GUI
vim-share-8.1.0800: Data files for the vim editor (vi clone)
vim-xaw-8.1.0800: Vim editor (vi clone) with X11 Athena GUI
wily-0.13.42: Unix/X11 clone of the Plan9 acme editor/environment
xcoral-3.2nb1: Multiwindow mouse-based text editor for X
xemacs-21.4.24nb4: XEmacs text editor version 21.4
xemacs-21.5.34nb6: *BETA* XEmacs text editor version 21.5.34
xemacs-nox11-21.5.34nb5: *BETA* XEmacs text editor version 21.5.34 (no X11 support)
xemacs-nox11-21.4.24nb5: XEmacs text editor version 21 (no x11 support)
xemacs-packages-1.18nb2: Common elisp packages for xemacs 21
xfce4-mousepad-0.4.1nb2: Xfce text editor
xjed-0.99.16nb1: Extensible folding editor + Emacs/WordStar/EDT emulations, X11 version
xournal-0.4.8nb28: Take notes, sketch and annotate PDFs
xvile-9.8t: VI Like Emacs, X11 version -- a fully "X aware" vi work-alike
xwpe-1.5.29anb6: Programming environment for UNIX systems
yed-3.17: Graph editor (UML, Flowcharts, BPMN and more)
yudit-2.9.2: Unicode Text Editor
zile-2.4.5nb5: Emacs-like text editor
py27-zim-0.59nb16: Zim brings the concept of a wiki to your desktop

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