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Functional language

Dylan is an object-oriented, dynamic, infix, garbage-collected
programming language with support for multiple inheritence, multiple
dispatch (an advanced form of polymorphism), typed and untyped
variables, closures and exceptions.  Dylan also supports pattern-based
hygenic macros.  These allow you to define new control constructs and
fully integrate them with the language.

Dylan (theoretically) combines the performance of C or C++ with the
rapid development of Perl and the expressiveness of LISP.  It looks
similar to C or Pascal, so experienced programmers can learn to write
simple programs quickly.

Gwydion Dylan provides two implementations of the Dylan programming
language:  Mindy and d2c.  Mindy is bytecode compiler and interpreter,
and d2c is a Dylan-to-C compiler.  Mindy compiles programs quickly,
but the resulting executables run slowly.  On the other hand, d2c
compiles programs slowly, but they run quickly.

Gwydion Dylan was originally written by the Gwydion Group at CMU as
part of a research project studying advanced hypercode development
environments.  It is now maintained by a group of volunteers.

Build dependencies

devel/libtool-base pkgtools/mktools devel/gmake lang/perl5 pkgtools/cwrappers

Runtime dependencies


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