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The NetBSD Packages Collection: meta-pkgs/bulk-small

Brief description of the package:
Meta-package for a standard short limited bulk build

Please read the file "DESCR" for a longer description, or browse the package's history.

The package is located in the "meta-pkgs/bulk-small" directory. The current source version of the package is "bulk-small-20180101nb1". For a summary on how to use the package collection, go to the top of the packages tree.

Problem reports, updates or suggestions for this package should be reported with send-pr.

The following security vulnerabilities are known for meta-pkgs/bulk-small :

If you have a vulnerable package installed on any machine, you are advised to remove the package immediately, using the standard package tools. The pkg_admin audit command locates any installed package which has been mentioned in security advisories as being vulnerable.

This package requires the following package(s) to build: ircII-[0-9]* cwrappers>=20150314 irssi-[0-9]* perl>=5.28.0 perl<5.30.0 glib2>=2.4.0 perl>=5.0 libelf>=0.8.5 pcre>=8.31 pcre>=3.4nb1 libffi>=1.20 pcre>=8.30nb1 libffi>=3.0.11 python27>=2.7 mozilla-rootcerts>=1.0.20150804nb1 readline>=2.2 readline>=6.0 python27>=2.7.1nb2 glib2>=2.34.0 irssi-icb-[0-9]* irssi>=1.1.2 weechat-[0-9]* gnutls>=3.3.0 mozilla-rootcerts-[0-9]* lzo>=2.01 gmp>=5.0 gmp>=4.2.1 gmp>=6.0 libcfg+>=0.6.2nb1 libtasn1>=4.9 libtasn1>=0.2.7 nettle>=3.4.1 gmp>=5.0.1 nettle>=2.4 p11-kit>=0.23.1 libtasn1>=0.3.0 p11-kit>=0.10 p11-kit>=0.23 libunistring>=0.9.3 libcfg+>=0.6.2nb3 nettle>=3.1.1 libunistring>=0.9.4 hicolor-icon-theme>=0.4 libidn>=0.4.6 curl>=7.12.3 libidn2>=2.0.0 libgcrypt>=1.2.0 libgpg-error>=1.13 libgpg-error>=0.6 libgpg-error>=1.10nb1 gnutls>=3.6.0nb1 hicolor-icon-theme>=0.9nb1 libidn>=1.20nb1 curl>=7.63.0nb1 libgcrypt>=1.6.0 asciidoc-[0-9]* docbook-xsl-[0-9]* docbook-xml>=4.2 xmlcatmgr>=2.0beta1 getopt-[0-9]* libxslt>=1.1.8 libxml2>=2.6.27 libxml2>=2.6.2 libxml2>=2.8.0nb2 docbook-xml-[0-9]* libxslt>=1.1.28nb2 base64-[0-9]* mpack-[0-9]* emacs21>=21<22 jpeg>=8nb1 tiff>=3.6.1 jbigkit>=2.0 jpeg>=9 png>=1.2.4 libXpm>= x11-links>=1.13 osabi-NetBSD-8.0_RC2 xorgproto>=2016.1 giflib>=5.1.0 tiff>=4.0.3nb5 png>=1.6.0nb1 nano-[0-9]* ncursesw>=5.5 ncurses-6.1{,nb*} ncurses>=5.3nb1 ncurses>=6.0 ncursesw>=6.0 vim-[0-9]* vim-share-8.1.0551{,nb*} vim-share-[0-9]* mutt>=1.5 gnupg2>=2.2.0 pinentry-[0-9]* libassuan>=2.1.0 libgpg-error>=1.17 libassuan>=2.4.2 libgpg-error>=1.16 libksba>=0.9.7 libgpg-error>=1.2 libksba>=1.3.0nb1 libusb1>=1.0.9 libgcrypt>=1.7 libgpg-error>=1.28 libassuan>=2.5.1 libksba>=1.3.4 npth>=1.2 npth>=1.1 db4>=4.8.30 gpgme>=0.9.0 libassuan>=2.0.2 gpgme>=1.8.0nb1 libxslt-[0-9]* procmail-[0-9]* screen-[0-9]* rsync-[0-9]* wget-[0-9]* libpsl>=0.20.2 icu>=3.4 icu>=62.1 libpsl>=0.20.2nb2 pkg_chk-[0-9]* pkg_rolling-replace-[0-9]* pkg_chk>=1.76 pkg_tarup>=1.6.6 pkgin-[0-9]* pkg_install>=20130901 libfetch>=2.28 libfetch>=2.36nb3 enscript-[0-9]* ghostscript-gpl-[0-9]* ghostscript-fonts>=6.0 libxcb>=1.6 libXdmcp>=0.99 libXau>=1.0 xcb-proto>=1.13 xcb-proto>=1.4 freetype2>=2.4.5 freetype2>=2.1.3 fontconfig>=2.10.93 libuuid>=2.18 freetype2>=2.8.1 freetype2>=2.4.11 gperf-[0-9]* fontconfig>=2.1nb2 libpaper>=1.1.22 fontconfig>=2.13.0 papersize-[0-9]* psutils-[0-9]* sudo-[0-9]* stunnel-[0-9]* bash-[0-9]* tcsh-[0-9]* zsh-[0-9]* icewm>=1.2<1.3 Xft2>=2.1 fontconfig>=2.2 Xrender>=0.9.0nb2 Xrender>=0.2 Xrender>=0.8.2 Xrender>=0.9.0nb1 Xft2>=2.1nb2 Xrandr>=0.99 Xrender>=0.8 Xrandr>=1.0.1 Xft2>=2.1.7nb7 Xrandr>=1.0.2nb3 fluxbox-[0-9]* fvwm-[0-9]* apache>=2.4 apr>=1.5.0 apr-util>=1.5.3 apr-util>=1.2.8 nghttp2>=1.0.0 apr-util>=1.5.4nb4 nghttp2>=1.35.1nb1 bozohttpd-[0-9]* curl-[0-9]* xlockmore-lite-[0-9]* perl>=5 python27-[0-9]* bsdtar-[0-9]* bzip2-[0-9]* gtar-base-[0-9]* unzip-[0-9]* xz-[0-9]* zip-[0-9]* autoconf-[0-9]* m4>=1.4 help2man-[0-9]* p5-gettext>=1.01 automake-[0-9]* autoconf>=2.62 bison-[0-9]* flex-[0-9]* gmake-[0-9]* libtool-base-[0-9]* m4-[0-9]* pkg-config-[0-9]* pkg_tarup-[0-9]* x11-links-[0-9]* libiconv-[0-9]* db4-[0-9]* gdbm-[0-9]* sqlite3-[0-9]* gettext-lib-[0-9]* readline-[0-9]* zlib-[0-9]* gd-[0-9]* libimagequant>=2.8.2 libwebp>=0.2.0 libwebp>=0.6.0 giflib-[0-9]* png-[0-9]* tiff-[0-9]* gnutls-[0-9]* expat-[0-9]* libxml2-[0-9]* xmlcatmgr-[0-9]* lzo-[0-9]* gmp-[0-9]* libcfg+-[0-9]* libffi-[0-9]* libidn-[0-9]* ghostscript-fonts-[0-9]* f2c-[0-9]* libpaper-[0-9]* libgcrypt-[0-9]* libgpg-error-[0-9]* libtasn1-[0-9]* nettle-[0-9]* .

This package requires the following package(s) to run: none .

This package supports the following build-time options:


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