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X11 window managers, configuration tools, and themes

Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 101 items in this directory:

2bwm-20150526: Fast floating WM written over the XCB library and derived from mcwm
3ddesktop-0.2.9nb13: 3D Virtual Desktop Switcher
9wm-1.4.0nb1: Rio-like Window Manager for X
aewm++-1.0.24nb1: Fork of the popular minimal window manager aewm
afterstep-2.2.11nb17: Window manager based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface
amaterus-0.34.1nb6: GTK+ window manager
amiwm-0.20p48nb3: X window manager with Amiga look and feel
applewmproto-1.4.2: AppleWM extension headers from X.org
awesome-4.2: Tiling window manager based on dwm
bbkeys-0.8.6nb6: General X Window keygrabber
bbkeys09-0.9.1nb1: General X Window keygrabber
bbpager-0.3.1nb3: Pager for the blackbox window manager
bbpager04- Pager for the blackbox window manager
bbrun-1.3nb5: Run utility for BlackBox
blackbox-0.65.0nb7: Small and fast X11R6 window manager
blackbox70-0.70.1nb1: Small and fast X11R6 window manager
bmpanel2-2.1pre1nb19: NETWM-compatible panel for X11
bsetroot-0.1nb7: Tools to set the root windows background
bspwm-0.9.2: Binary space partitioning window manager
ccsm-0.8.4nb4: CompizConfig Settings Manager
compiz-0.8.8nb35: Compositing window manager
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra-0.8.8nb30: Compositing window manager - extra plugins
compiz-fusion-plugins-main-0.8.8nb26: Compositing window manager - main plugins
ctwm-3.8.2: Window manager with support for multiple virtual screens and Gnome 1.x
cwm-3nb6: Window manager for X11 initially inspired by evilwm
dwm-6.1: Dynamic window manager
e16menuedit2-0.0.3nb27: Menu editor for the Enlightenment window manager
echinus-0.4.9: Simple and lightweight tiling window manager
enlightenment- Highly themeable and configurable window manager
ethemes-0.1nb3: Themes for the window manager Enlightenment
evilwm-1.1.1: Minimalist Window Manager for X
fluxbox-1.3.7: Window Manager for X based on Blackbox
fluxconf-0.9.9nb25: GTK based configuration tool for the fluxbox window manager
fluxter-0.1.0: Workspace pager dockapp, particularly useful with Fluxbox
flwm-1.02nb5: The Fast, Light Window Manager
fvwm-2.6.5nb7: Newer version of X11 Virtual window manager
fvwm-2.5.31nb11: Development version of X11 Virtual window manager
fvwm-themes-0.6.2nb13: Configuration framework for fvwm2 with samples
fvwm1-1.24rnb2: Virtual window manager for X
golem-0.0.5nb6: Fast and lightweight yet customizable window manager
i3-4.13: Improved dynamic tiling window manager
icewm-1.2.38pre2nb1: Small, fast and light-weight window manager
icewm-imlib-1.2.38pre2nb1: Small, fast and light-weight window manager (imlib version)
icewm-1.3.8nb1: Small, fast and light-weight window manager
icewmconf-2.1.0nb2: Graphical configuration tool for IceWM
jwm-2.3.7: Lightweight window manager with virtual desktops
larswm-7.5.3nb1: 9wm-like window manager
libAppleWM-1.4.1: AppleWM library from modular X.org
libWindowsWM-1.0.1: Cygwin/X rootless window management extension
lwm-1.2.1nb1: Lightweight Window Manager
marco-1.18.1nb1: MATE Marco is a fork of GNOME Metacity
matchbox-wm-1.1nb7: Window manager designed for computers with small displays
mate-netbook-1.18.1nb1: Simple window management tool for MATE desktop
metacity-2.34.13nb5: GNOME-compliant window manager
mlvwm-0.9.1nb1: Macintosh Like Virtual Window Manager
musca-0.9.24nb1: Simple dynamic window manager for X
notion-3.2017050501: Tiling window manager based on ion3
novawm-0.8nb2: Nova window manager
obconf-2.0.4nb5: Tool for configuring the Openbox window manager
obpager-1.8nb1: Lightweight pager applet for OpenBox
olvwm-4.4nb4: Open Look Virtual Window Manager
openbox-3.6.1nb3: Standards compliant, light-weight, and extensible window manager
oroborox-0.9.8nb30: The lightweight Window Manager for the ROX Desktop
oroborus-2.0.12nb1: Small and simple window manager for X
pekwm-0.1.17: Window manager based on aewm++
piewm-1.04: Minimalist window manager based on tvtwm with pie menus
pwm-1.0.20060517nb2: Window manager that frames multiple client windows in a single frame
py27-tyle-0.7.5nb2: Manual tiling manager
quartz-wm-1.3.1: Aqua Window Manager for the X Window System on OS X
ratpoison-1.4.8nb1: Simple window manager with no fat library dependencies
sawfish-1.10nb6: Extensible window manager that is fully configurable in Lisp
selectwm-0.4.1nb29: Simple GTK2 application to select window manager
skippy-0.5.0nb17: Fullscreen task switcher for X11
spectrwm-2.5.1: Small dynamic tiling window manager for X11
trayer-1.1.6nb4: Lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop
tvtwm-11nb3: Classic twm with virtual desktop support
twm-1.0.9: Tom's Window Manager
uwm-19881027nb2: X11R3 window manager
vtwm-5.4.7nb3: TWM with virtual desktop, m4, sound and 3-D buttons
w9wm-0.4.2nb1: 8 1/2-like Window Manager for X with virtual desktops
waimea-0.4.0nb30: Fast and highly customizable virtual window manager
wampager-0.9.1nb2: Virtual pager dockapp for the Waimea Window Manager
wbar-2.2.2nb21: Simple and highly customizable quick-launch tool
weewm-0.0.2nb2: Fast and ultra light windowmanager with total keyboard control
windowlab-1.33nb7: Small and simple window manager
windowmaker-0.95.8: GNUStep-compliant NEXTSTEP(tm) window manager clone
windowswmproto-1.0.4: Provides definition of the WindowsWM extension to the X11 protocol
wm2-4.0nb2: Minimalist window manager for X
wmakerconf-2.11nb44: Gtk+ based configuration tool for Window Maker
wmctrl-1.07nb4: Command line interface to an EWMH-compliant WM
wmextra-0.1nb3: Extras for Window Maker window manager
wmi-10nb6: Minimalist, flexible and highly customizable window manager
wmii-3.6nb4: Modular and keyboard-friendly window manager
wmutils-core-1.2: Window Manipulation Utilities
wmutils-opt-0.20161004: Optional addons to wmutils
wmx-6.0nb3: Another X11 window manager based on wm2
wmx-gnome-6.0nb2: Another X11 window manager based on wm2, with GNOME compliance
xfce4-wm-4.13.0nb1: Xfce window manager
xfce4-wm-themes-4.10.0nb5: Xfce window manager themes
xmonad-0.12: Tiling window manager
xmonad-contrib-0.12: Third party extensions for xmonad

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