editors/mg - The NetBSD Packages Collection

Small, fast, public domain EMACS style editor

This is the portable version of the OpenBSD mg editor

Mg (mg) is a Public Domain EMACS style editor.  It is "broadly"
compatible with GNU Emacs, the latest creation of Richard M.
Stallman, Chief GNUisance and inventor of Emacs.  GNU Emacs (and other
portions of GNU as they are released) are essentially free, (there are
handling charges for obtaining it) and so is Mg.  You may never have
to learn another editor.  (But probably will, at least long enough to
port Mg...)  Mg was formerly named MicroGnuEmacs, the name change was
done at the request of Richard Stallman.

Mg is not associated with the GNU project, and most of it does not
have the copyright restrictions present in GNU Emacs.  (However, some
of the system dependent modules and the regular expression module do
have copyright notices.  Look at the source code for exact
copyright restrictions.)  The Mg authors individually may or may not
agree with the opinions expressed by Richard Stallman in "The GNU

This program is intended to be a small, fast, and portable editor for
people who can't (or don't want to) run real Emacs for one reason
or another.  It is compatible with GNU because there shouldn't be
any reason to learn more than one Emacs flavor.

Build dependencies

pkgtools/mktools devel/gmake devel/pkgconf pkgtools/cwrappers

Runtime dependencies

devel/ncursesw devel/ncursesw

Binary packages

NetBSD 10.0aarch64mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0aarch64mg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 10.0aarch64ebmg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv6hfmg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv6hfmg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv7hfmg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv7hfmg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 10.0i386mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0_BETAx86_64mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 8.0i386mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 8.0i386mg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 8.0i386mg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 8.0powerpcmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 8.0x86_64mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 8.0x86_64mg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 8.0x86_64mg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 9.0aarch64mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0aarch64mg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0aarch64mg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 9.0alphamg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv6hfmg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv6hfmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv6hfmg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv7hfmg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv7hfmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv7hfmg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 9.0i386mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0i386mg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0i386mg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 9.0mips64ebmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0powerpcmg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 9.0powerpcmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sh3elmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sparc64mg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sparcmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0vaxmg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0x86_64mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0x86_64mg-20110905nb5.tgz
NetBSD 9.0x86_64mg-20230501.tgz
NetBSD 9.3x86_64mg-20230501nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.3x86_64mg-20230501.tgz

Binary packages can be installed with the high-level tool pkgin (which can be installed with pkg_add) or pkg_add(1) (installed by default). The NetBSD packages collection is also designed to permit easy installation from source.

Available build options


Known vulnerabilities

The pkg_admin audit command locates any installed package which has been mentioned in security advisories as having vulnerabilities.

Please note the vulnerabilities database might not be fully accurate, and not every bug is exploitable with every configuration.

Problem reports, updates or suggestions for this package should be reported with send-pr.