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Electronic mail utilities

Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 396 items in this directory:

GNUMail-1.2.0nb15: GNUstep clone of NeXT's Mail.app application
osbf-lua-2.0.4nb6: Lua C module for text classification
Pantomime-1.2.0nb15: Objective-C mail system class library
R-mime-0.4: Map filenames to MIME types
YoSucker-37nb8: Download mails from Yahoo webmail into mbox
akonadi-1.13.0nb24: The KDE PIM Storage Service
alpine-2.21: Program for Internet News and E-mail
amavis-perl-0.1nb15: Mail virus scanner
amavisd-milter-1.6.1nb1: Sendmail milter program for amavisd-new
amavisd-new-2.11.1: Daemonized interface between MTA and content checkers
anomy-sanitizer-1.76nb9: Mail message filter and sanitizer
archivemail-0.9.0nb1: Tool for archiving and compressing old email in mailboxes
autorespond-2.0.5: Simple autoresponder add-on package for qmail
avenger-0.8.4nb3: SMTP server with filtering capabilities
balsa-2.4.14nb38: GNOME2 EMail client
bbmail-0.8.3nb1: Mailbox monitor (not only) for the blackbox windowmanager
bmf-0.9.4: Self contained and extremely efficient Bayesian mail filter
bogofilter-1.2.4nb13: Bayesian spam filter written in C
bulk_mailer-1.13nb1: Assist in delivery of mail to large numbers of recipients
clamsmtp-1.10nb1: SMTP filter that allows you to check for viruses
claws-mail-3.17.1nb4: X based e-mail and netnews client
claws-mail-archive-3.17.1nb4: Adds archiving to Claws-Mail
claws-mail-attachwarner-3.17.1nb4: Warns if a message mentions an attachment without attaching files
claws-mail-att-remover-3.17.1nb4: Permanently deletes attachments from mail
claws-mail-bogofilter-3.17.1nb4: Enables the scanning of incoming mail using Bogofilter
claws-mail-cachesaver-0.10.9nb39: Saves Claws-Mail metadata every 60 seconds
claws-mail-fetchinfo-3.17.1nb4: Inserts headers containing some download information
claws-mail-mailmbox-3.17.1nb4: Handles mailboxes in mbox format
claws-mail-managesieve-3.17.1nb4: Manage Sieve filters on servers that support the ManageSieve protocol
claws-mail-newmail-3.17.1nb4: Write log file info on arriving email
claws-mail-notification-3.17.1nb4: Provides various ways to notify the user of new and unread email
claws-mail-pgp-3.17.1nb1: Metapackage for the PGP plug-in for Claws-mail
claws-mail-pgpcore-3.17.1nb4: Handles core PGP functions
claws-mail-pgpinline-3.17.1nb4: Handles PGP/Inline signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-pgpmime-3.17.1nb4: Handles PGP/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-rssyl-3.17.1nb4: Read RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feeds in Claws-Mail
claws-mail-smime-3.17.1nb4: This plugin handles S/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-spamassassin-3.17.1nb4: Enables the scanning of incoming mail using SpamAssassin
claws-mail-spam-report-3.17.1nb4: Report spam to various places
claws-mail-synce_plugin-0.7.5nb40: Synchronize addressbook of a Windows CE with Claws Mail
claws-mail-tnef-parse-3.17.1nb4: Handles TNEF attachments from Outlook
claws-mail-vcalendar-3.17.1nb5: Enable vCalendar message handling
clawsker-0.7.8nb7: Edit Claws-Mail hidden preferences
cone-0.90nb17: Console newsreader and emailer
coolmail-1.3nb3: Xbiff replacement with 3D animation and sound
courier-analog-0.16nb6: Courier log analyzer
courier-imap-4.10.0nb7: IMAP server for access to maildir-style mailboxes
courier-maildir-0.68.1nb7: Courier maildir utilities
courier-mta-0.68.1nb12: Courier mail transport agent
courier-unicode-1.4: Implements several algorithms related to the Unicode Standard
cucipop-1.31nb3: The Cubic Circle POP3 mail server
cue-20151214: Mh-e like mail user agent
cyrus-imapd-2.2.13p1nb17: Cyrus IMAP server
cyrus-imapd-2.3.18nb29: Cyrus IMAP server
cyrus-imapd-2.4.20nb5: Cyrus IMAP server
dbmail-3.2.3nb13: Store and retrieve mail messages in a database
dcc-1.3.159nb1: Anti-spam content filter
deforaos-mailer-0.1.8nb7: DeforaOS desktop e-mail client
deliver-2.1.14nb3: Local mail delivery agent with shell-script control
demime-1.1dnb7: Tool to scrub mime from mailing lists
distribute-2.1.26nb8: Mail dispatcher for mailing list. Fits nicely with majordomo
dk-milter-1.0.2nb1: Open source DomainKeys filter software from Sendmail, Inc
dkim-milter-2.8.3nb5: Open source DKIM filter software from Sendmail, Inc
dnsbl-milter-6.45: DNSBL Sendmail milter
dot-forward-0.71nb3: Reads sendmail's .forward files under qmail
dovecot-1.2.17nb30: Secure IMAP and POP3 server
dovecot-2.3.5: Secure IMAP and POP3 server
dovecot-gssapi-2.3.5: Secure IMAP and POP3 server (GSSAPI plugin)
dovecot-ldap-2.3.5: Secure IMAP and POP3 server (LDAP plugin)
dovecot-mysql-2.3.5: Secure IMAP and POP3 server (MySQL plugin)
dovecot-pgsql-2.3.5: Secure IMAP and POP3 server (PostgreSQL plugin)
dovecot-pigeonhole-0.5.5: Support for the Sieve language and the ManageSieve protocol
dovecot-sqlite-2.3.5: Secure IMAP and POP3 server (SQLite plugin)
drac-1.12nb1: Dynamic Relay Authorization Control
dspam-3.10.2nb24: Extremely scalable, statistical-hybrid anti-spam filter
elm-2.5.8nb5: ELM Mail User Agent (without ME extensions)
elm-me-2.4.93nb6: ELM Mail User Agent with ME extensions
elmo-1.3.2nb17: The ELectronic Mail Operator MUA
enma-1.2.0nb4: Sender authentication milter supporting SPF and Sender ID
esmtp-1.2nb3: Relay-only Mail Transfer Agent with sendmail-compatible syntax
etach-1.2.9nb4: Emacs Lisp package for dealing with MIME email attachments
etpan-0.7.1nb33: Mail console client with S/MIME and PGP support
evolution-2.32.3nb57: GNOME mailer, calendar, contact manager, and communications tool
evolution-data-server-2.32.3nb57: Evolution data server
evolution-exchange-2.32.2nb55: Support for Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003 in Evolution
exim-4.92: The Exim mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail
exim-html-4.92: HTML documentation for the Exim mail transfer agent
exim-3.36nb19: The Exim mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail
exmh-2.7.2nb7: X11/TK based mail reader front end to MH
ezmlm-0.53nb2: Easy-to-use, high-speed mailing list manager for qmail
ezmlm-idx-7.2.2nb7: Version of ezmlm with enhancements by third parties
faces-1.6.1nb11: Visual mail, user and print face server
fastforward-0.51nb2: Sendmail-style /etc/aliases support for qmail
fdm-2.0nb1: Fetch or receive mail and deliver it in various ways
fetchmail-6.3.26: Batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap
fetchmailconf-6.3.26: Configuration tool for fetchmail
fetchyahoo-2.11.0nb7: Download mails from Yahoo webmail into mbox
fix-mime-charset-0.5.3nb7: Correct MIME charset type in mail headers
fml-7.99.1: FML mailing list server development version
fml4- FML mailing list server
freepops-0.2.9nb14: POP3 gateway to AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Juno, Yahoo, etc
fromto-1.5nb6: Sendmail logfile viewer
getmail-5.13: Secure, flexible, reliable fetchmail replacement
gld-1.7nb5: Standalone greylisting server for Postfix
gmime-2.6.23nb2: Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages (API v2.6)
gmime24-2.4.33: Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages (API v2.4)
gmime3-3.2.3: Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages (API v3)
gnarwl-3.6nb3: LDAP based mail autoresponder
gnus-5.10.10: Gnus is a flexible message reader running under GNU Emacs
greetdelay-0.03nb2: Introduces a small delay before an SMTP greeting
grepmail-5.3033nb10: Search utility for mbox formatted files
greylisting-spp-1.1nb1: Plugin for qmail-spp that provides greylisting
heirloom-mailx-12.5nb1: BSD mail utility with MIME extensions
hypermail-2.3.0nb1: Creates indexed, threaded HTML archives of email
ifile-1.3.8: Intelligent mail filtering system
im-153nb2: E-Mail and NetNews user interface commands
imap-uw-2007fnb7: University of Washington's IMAP, POP2, and POP3 servers
imap-uw-utils-20050108nb6: UW IMAP mailbox utilities
imapfilter-2.6.10: Mail filtering utility for the IMAP
imapproxy-1.2.7nb6: Simple connection caching IMAP proxy daemon
imapsync-1.607nb4: Incremental recursive IMAP transfer tool
imp-4.3.11nb2: Internet Messaging Program
incm-0.5: Tool to get mail from mbox file or maildir
ingo-1.2.6nb2: Horde based generic and complete mail filter rule frontend
isync-1.3.0nb1: Synchronize a maildir with an imap server
ja-mh6-3.05nb1: Rand MH mail handling system + Japanese patches
jchkmail-1.3.1anb2: Behavior-based virus and spam milter for Sendmail
libesmtp-1.0.6nb3: Library to manage posting of electronic mail
libetpan-1.9.1nb1: Really nice mail library
libmilter-8.15.2nb1: Mail filter support library for sendmail
libsieve-2.3.1: Library for parsing, sorting and filtering mail
libspf2-1.2.10nb1: Implementation of the Sender Policy Framework
libsrs2-1.0.18: Implementation of the Sender Rewriting Scheme for SMTP forwarding
libsylph-1.1.0nb4: E-Mail client library
libytnef-1.9.2: Yerase's TNEF Stream Reader library
mail-notification-5.4nb47: Status icon that provides new mail notifications
mailagent-3.0.73nb8: Sophisticated automatic mail-processing tool
mailcrypt-3.5.9: Emacs frontend for PGP and GPG
maildrop-2.5.5nb7: Courier mail delivery agent with filtering abilities
mailfront-2.22: Mail server network protocol front-ends
mailgraph-1.14nb4: RRDtool frontend for mail statistics
mailhops-1.4nb6: Shows the route of an Internet mail message
mailman-2.1.25: The GNU Mailing List Manager
mailsend-1.19: Utility to send mail via SMTP from command line
mailserv-3.29nb6: WWW interface to several types of mailing list servers
mailsort-1.26nb5: Sort mbox mail folders by date
mailsync-5.2.1nb8: Mailsync is a way of synchronizing a collection of mailboxes
mailwrapper-19990412nb4: Wrapper to support arbitrary Mail Transport Agents
mairix-0.21: Program for indexing and searching email messages
majordomo-1.94.5nb23: The Majordomo mailing list manager
mb2md-3.20nb6: Converts one or more mboxes to maildirs
mblaze-0.5: Set of Maildir utilities
mdfrm-1.0nb6: Print a summary of mail in a Maildir waiting to be read
mess822-0.58nb8: Library for parsing Internet mail messages
metamail-2.7nb11: Implementation of MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
mew-6.8: Messaging in the Emacs World
mhonarc-2.6.19nb5: Mailbox to HTML converter, suitable for list archives
milter-greylist-4.4.3nb11: Easy-to-use greylist milter for Sendmail and Postfix
milter-manager-2.0.5nb2: Milter to use milters effectively
milter-regex-1.7nb2: Milter enabling regular expression filtering
mime-construct-1.10nb8: Constructs and emails MIME messages
mimedefang-2.78nb4: To inspect/modify e-mail as it passes through your mail relay
mimp-1.1.4nb2: Internet Messaging Program for mobile devices
mini_sendmail-1.3.6nb2: Accept email on behalf of the real sendmail without spooling
minimalist- Minimalistic Mailing Lists Manager
mopher-0.5.3nb1: Versatile mail filter
mpop-1.2.6: Small, fast and portable POP3 client
msmtp-1.8.3: SMTP plugin for MUAs
mush-7.2.6.b4.pl1nb5: Text-based mail client
mutt-1.11.4: Text-based MIME mail client with PGP \& S/MIME support
neomutt-20180716nb1: Fork of mutt with integrated community patches
netbiff-0.9.18nb33: Xbiff-like mail notification, handles multiple mailboxes
newmail-1.0.1nb1: Program to check multiple local mailboxes for new mail
newspipe-1.1.9nb7: Read RSS/Atom feeds as email messages
nmh-1.7.1nb4: Cleaned up MH mailer suite
nmzmail-1.1: Fast mail searching for mutt
notmuch-0.28.3: Mail indexer
nullmailer-2.2: Simple relay-only mail transport agent
oe2mbx-1.21nb1: Outlook Express messages to the Unix mailbox format converter
offlineimap-7.2.3: Powerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support
opendkim-2.10.3nb2: Open source DKIM library, MTA filter implementation and tools
opendmarc-1.3.1nb4: Open source DMARC library, MTA filter implementation and tools
opensmtpd-5.7.3p2: The OpenSMTPD mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail
p5-App-Siesh-0.21nb8: Sieve Shell
p5-Catalyst-View-Email-0.36nb2: Send Templated Email from Catalyst
p5-Email-Abstract-3.008nb4: Perl5 module for writing representation-independent mail handling code
p5-Email-Address-1.912: RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
p5-Email-Address-List-0.06: RFC close address list parsing
p5-Email-Address-XS-1.04nb1: Parse and format RFC 2822 email addresses and groups
p5-Email-Date-1.104nb6: Find and Format Date Headers
p5-Email-Date-Format-1.005nb4: Perl Module to produce RFC 2822 date strings
p5-Email-Find-0.10nb9: Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
p5-Email-Folder-0.860nb3: Perl 5 module to read all the messages from a folder
p5-Email-FolderType-0.814nb6: Perl 5 module to determine the type of a mail folder
p5-Email-LocalDelivery-1.200nb5: Perl 5 module to deliver a piece of email - simply
p5-Email-MIME-1.946nb1: Perl module for easy MIME message parsing
p5-Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper-1.317nb5: Strip the attachments from a mail
p5-Email-MIME-ContentType-1.022nb1: Perl module for parsing a MIME Content-Type header
p5-Email-MIME-Encodings-1.315nb6: Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding
p5-Email-MIME-RFC2047-0.97nb1: Encoding of non-ASCII MIME headers
p5-Email-MessageID-1.406nb3: Generate world unique message-ids
p5-Email-Reply-1.204nb3: Reply to a Message
p5-Email-Send-2.201nb3: Email::Send - Simply Sending Email
p5-Email-Sender-1.300031nb2: Email::Sender - a library for sending email
p5-Email-Simple-2.216nb1: Perl5 module for simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers
p5-Email-Stuff-2.105nb4: More casual approach to creating and sending emails
p5-Email-Valid-1.202nb2: Perl5 module for testing validity of an email address
p5-Email-Valid-Loose-0.05nb10: Email::Valid which allows dot before at mark
p5-GMail-IMAPD-0.94nb10: IMAP gateway for the GMail web service
p5-IMAP-Admin-1.6.8nb3: Perl5 module for administration of RFC-2060 IMAP servers
p5-IMAP-Client-0.13nb11: Perl5 module for IMAP manipulation
p5-MIME-Charset-1.012.2nb2: Perl5 module containing charset Informations for MIME
p5-MIME-EncWords-1.014.3nb3: Perl5 modules for decoding RFC 2047 encoded words (improved)
p5-MIME-Lite-3.030nb4: Perl5 module for simple creation of MIME email messages
p5-MIME-Lite-HTML-1.24nb4: Perl5 module to transform a HTML page into a MIME-Lite mail
p5-MIME-Types-2.17nb1: Definition of MIME types
p5-MIME-tools-5.509nb2: Perl5 modules for encoding and decoding MIME messages
p5-Mail-Alias-1.12nb9: Perl 5 module to manipulate mail alias files
p5-Mail-Audit-2.228nb4: Perl5 module for filtering mail
p5-Mail-Box-3.006: Set of packages which implement methods to handle e-mail
p5-Mail-Box-IMAP4-3.003: Handle IMAP4 folders as client
p5-Mail-Box-POP3-3.004: Handle POP3 folders as client
p5-Mail-ClamAV-0.29nb27: Perl5 module for security/clamav virus scanner
p5-Mail-DKIM-0.54: Perl5 module for DKIM-based mail-signing and -verifying
p5-Mail-DeliveryStatus-BounceParser-1.542nb3: Perl extension to analyze bounce messages
p5-Mail-Ezmlm-0.08.2nb5: Perl5 module for managing ezmlm mailing lists
p5-Mail-IMAPClient-3.40: Perl5 module for talking to RFC-2060 IMAP servers
p5-Mail-ListDetector-1.04nb7: Perl5 module to detect messages from a mailing lists
p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser-1.5111nb1: Perl5 module for parsing mail messages
p5-Mail-Message-3.008: Object container for MIME-encoded message
p5-Mail-Milter-0.07nb10: Sendmail::Milter enhancement API modules
p5-Mail-POP3Client-2.19nb3: Perl 5 module to talk to a POP3 (RFC1939) server
p5-Mail-RFC822-Address-0.3nb10: Perl extension for validating email addresses according to RFC822
p5-Mail-SPF-2.9.0nb4: Perl implementation of the Sender Policy Framework
p5-Mail-SPF-Query-1.999.1nb1: Perl module for Sender-Policy-Framework queries
p5-Mail-SRS-0.31nb14: SMTP envelope sender rewriting for SPF-compliant forwarding
p5-Mail-Sender-0.903nb2: Sending mails with attachments through an SMTP server
p5-Mail-Sender-Easy-0.0.5nb11: Simplified interface to Mail::Sender
p5-Mail-Sendmail-0.80nb1: Perl5 module dedicated to Sendmail
p5-Mail-Transport-3.003: Use Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs)
p5-Mail-Webmail-Gmail-1.09nb10: Interface to Google's webmail service
p5-MailTools-2.20nb1: Perl5 modules related to mail applications
p5-Net-LMTP-0.02nb11: Local Mail Transfer Protocol Client
p5-Net-ManageSieve-0.13nb1: ManageSieve Protocol Client
p5-Net-SMTP-SSL-1.04nb2: Perl5 module providing SSL support for Net::SMTP
p5-Net-SMTP_auth-0.08nb10: Perl module adding SMTP AUTH support to Net::SMTP module
p5-Net-validMX-2.2.0nb9: Use DNS and/or regular expressions to verify a email address
p5-Parse-MIME-1.005nb1: Parse mime-types, match against media ranges
p5-Sendmail-AccessDB-1.04nb3: Perl5 module for manipulating the sendmail accessdb
p5-Sendmail-PMilter-1.00nb6: Pure-Perl Milter protocol API
p5-Test-Email-0.07nb6: Test Email contents and POP3 delivery
p5-URI-imap-1.01nb10: Perl5 module for support of "imap" URI scheme objects
p5-User-Identity-0.99nb1: Helps maintaining user information from various sources
p5-razor-agents-2.85nb10: Distributed and collaborative spam detection network
php71-pear-Auth_SASL-1.1.0: Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
php71-pear-Mail-1.4.1: PHP Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
php71-pear-Mail_Mime-1.10.2: PHP classes to create and manipulation of mime messages
php71-pear-Mail_mimeDecode-1.5.6: PHP classes to deal with decoding/interpreting of mime messages
perdition-1.18nb4: IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (main program)
perdition-bdb-1.18nb3: IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (Berkeley DB user database module)
perdition-gdbm-1.18nb4: IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (GDBM user database module)
perdition-ldap-1.18nb5: IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (LDAP user database module)
perdition-mysql-1.18nb4: IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (MySQL user database module)
perdition-odbc-1.18nb2: IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (UnixODBC user database module)
perdition-postgresql-1.18nb4: IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (PostgreSQL user database module)
pfqueue-0.5.6nb3: Real-time queue scanner for postfix
php71-imap-7.1.27: PHP extension for IMAP (Internet Mailbox Access Protocol)
pine-4.64nb13: Program for Internet News and E-mail
pine-pgp-filters-1.6nb1: Filters to integrate Pine with gnupg or pgp
policyd-1.82nb4: Policy daemon for Postfix with greylisting and throttling
policyd-weight- Weighted policy daemon for postfix
popa3d-1.0.3: Secure, reliable, performant, and small pop3 server
poppassd-4.1.0: Qualcomm's password change server mainly for Eudora
poppy-4.01nb5: Client to perform simple tasks with a POP3/IMAP server
postfix-3.3.2: Postfix SMTP server and tools
postfix-cdb-3.3.2: Postfix SMTP server cdb backend module
postfix-ldap-3.3.2: Postfix SMTP server LDAP backend module
postfix-lmdb-3.3.2: Postfix SMTP server LMDB backend module
postfix-mysql-3.3.2: Postfix SMTP server MySQL backend module
postfix-pcre-3.3.2: Postfix SMTP server PCRE map module
postfix-pgsql-3.3.2: Postfix SMTP server PostgreSQL backend module
postfix-sqlite-3.3.2: Postfix SMTP server SQLite backend module
postforward-1.1.0nb5: Postfix Sender Rewriting Scheme forwarding agent
postgrey-1.36nb3: Postfix Greylist Policy Server
postsrsd-1.4nb1: Postfix Sender Rewriting Scheme daemon
prayer-1.3.5nb1: Small, fast, web mail interface
procmail-3.22nb5: Local mail delivery agent
proxsmtp-1.10: SMTP proxy content filter
pulsar-0.1.1nb9: Small, secure POP3 daemon, featuring native SSL support
py37-aiosmtpd-1.2: Asyncio based SMTP server
py27-authres-1.1.1: Python implementation of RFC 5451/7001
py27-email_validator-1.0.2: Robust email syntax and deliverability validation library
py37-flufl.bounce-3.0: Email bounce detectors
py27-libgmail-0.1.11: Python bindings to access Gmail
py37-policyd-spf-2.0.2: Python based policy daemon for Postfix SPF checking
py27-sendmail-admin-1.0nb2: Mailqs and rmmq, two scripts that ease Sendmail administration
py27-spf-2.0.12nb1: Python implementation of the RFC 4408 SPF protocol
py27-ukpostcodeparser-1.1.2: UK Postcode parser
py27-validate-email-address-1: Verify if an email address is valid and really exists
pymsgauth-2.1.0nb10: Automatically process qsecretary confirmation requests
qcheck-1.0nb1: Text-only biff with Maildir support
qgreylist-0.3nb7: Simple greylisting for qmail
qmHandle-1.3.2nb6: Tool to view and manage the qmail message queue
qmail-1.03nb44: Secure, reliable, efficient, simple, and fast MTA
qmail-acceptutils-20181228: Offer TLS and SMTP AUTH with new features and no patch conflicts
qmail-autoresponder-2.0: Rate-limited autoresponder for qmail
qmail-conf-0.60nb5: Collection of tools for setting up qmail services
qmail-lint-0.55nb7: Examine the qmail configuration for common errors
qmail-qfilter-2.1nb5: Multi-filter front end for qmail-queue
qmail-rejectutils-20181230nb1: Reject messages at SMTP according to multiple criteria
qmail-run-20190118: Configures qmail to receive and deliver mail
qmail-spp-spf-20091020: Plugin for qmail-spp that performs SPF lookups
qmailanalog-0.70nb1: Collection of tools to help analyze qmail's activity
qmqtool-1.15nb1: View and safely modify qmail queue
qpopper-4.1.0nb5: Qualcomm's POP server for Eudora
qtools-0.56: Utilities for filtering via .qmail
queue-fix-1.4nb1: Check and repair the qmail queue structure
queue-repair-0.9.0nb7: Check or correct most corruptions of the queue in qmail
ruby24-quickml-0.7nb4: Easy-to-use mailing list system
rblcheck-1.5nb1: Command-line interface to Paul Vixie's RBL filter
re-alpine-2.03: Console-based mail and news client
relay-ctrl-3.2: Allows relaying via POP/IMAP-before-SMTP
ripmime- Extract the attached files out of a MIME encoded email package
rmail-mime-1.13.0nb3: MIME-capabilities for RMAIL in Emacs
php71-roundcube-1.3.8: Browser-based multilingual IMAP client
php71-roundcube-plugin-enigma-1.3.8: Enigma Plugin for Roundcube
php71-roundcube-plugin-password-1.3.8: Password change plugin for roundcube
php71-roundcube-plugin-zipdownload-1.3.8: Roundcube Webmail ZipDownload plugin
rspamd-1.8.0nb2: Fast, free and open-source spam filtering system
rss2email-3.9nb1: Get RSS feeds emailed to you
ruby24-actionmailer42-4.2.11: Email composition, delivery, and receiving (for Rails 4.2)
ruby24-actionmailer51- Email composition, delivery, and receiving (for Rails 5.1)
ruby24-actionmailer52-5.2.2: Email composition, delivery, and receiving (for Rails 5.2)
ruby24-mail-2.7.1: Mail provides a nice Ruby DSL for making, sending and reading emails
ruby24-mailfactory-1.4.0nb1: MIME email message generator for Ruby
ruby24-mime-types-3.2.2: Definition of MIME types for Ruby
ruby24-mime-types-data-3.2018.0812: Registry for information about MIME media type definitions
ruby24-mime-types1-1.25.1: Definition of MIME types for Ruby
ruby24-mime-types2-2.6.2: Definition of MIME types for Ruby
ruby24-mini_mime-1.0.1: Lightweight mime type lookup toy
ruby24-tmail- Mail manipulating library for Ruby including MIME multipart support
safecat-1.13nb1: Write data safely to a maildir
seamonkey-enigmail-2.0.9nb1: GnuPG support for www/seamonkey
sendmail-8.15.2nb3: The well known Mail Transport Agent
sendmail-cidrexpand-8.15.2nb1: CIDR pre-parser for Sendmail access maps
sendmail-qtool-8.15.2nb3: Perl script to manage sendmail queue entries
sendymail-0.5.8nb7: Send emails through Yahoo using your favorite email client
serialmail-0.75nb2: Tools for passing mail across serial links
sid-milter-1.0.0nb5: Open source SPF/SenderID filter software from Sendmail, Inc
sieve-connect-0.89: Command line client for the ManageSieve protocol
sigrot-1.2nb1: Signature file rotation program
sma-1.4nb1: Sendmail log analyser
smtp-vilter-1.3.8nb4: milter to scan messages for viruses and spam
smtpfeed-1.23: SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliverer for Sendmail
solid-pop3d-0.15: Flexible POP3 server
spamass-milter-0.4.0nb1: Milter interface to Spamassassin
spamassassin-3.4.2nb1: Mail filter to identify spam
spamd-20060330nb2: OpenBSD spam deferral daemon
spamdyke-5.0.1nb2: Filters incoming SMTP connections to qmail
spamprobe-1.4dnb9: Spam detector using Bayesian analysis of word counts
sqlgrey-1.8.0nb4: Postfix greylisting policy daemon
squirrelmail-1.4.23pre14764nb1: PHP webmail package
squirrelmail-decode-1.2nb2: Extra decoding library for SquirrelMail
squirrelmail-locales-1.4.18: Locale package for SquirrelMail
sqwebmail-5.5.3nb8: Webmail CGI for access to maildir-style mailboxes
ssmtp-2.64nb3: Extremely simple MTA to forward mail to a mail hub
swaks-20181104.0: Featureful, flexible, scriptable SMTP test tool
sylpheed-3.7.0nb2: Gtk based e-mail and netnews client
sympa-6.2.16nb2: Mailing list manager
t-prot-2.15nb4: TOFU enhancement to mutt for condensing quoted text
teapop-0.3.8nb17: Yet another RFC1939 compliant POP3 server
thunderbird-60.5.2nb1: Organize, secure and customize your mail
thunderbird-enigmail-2.0.9: GnuPG support for mail/thunderbird
thunderbird-l10n-60.5.2: Language packs for mail/thunderbird
thunderbird45-45.8.0nb9: Organize, secure and customize your mail
thunderbird45-l10n-45.8.0: Language packs for mail/thunderbird
thunderbird52-52.9.1nb3: Organize, secure and customize your mail
thunderbird52-l10n-52.9.1: Language packs for mail/thunderbird
tmda-1.1.12nb5: Python-based SPAM reduction system
tnef-1.4.15: Decode MS-TNEF MIME attachments
tnef2txt-1.4: Portable application/ms-tnef parser
trojita-0.4.1nb3: Fast Qt IMAP e-mail client
turba-2.3.6nb8: Horde contact management application
up-imapproxy-1.2.5nb7: Connection caching IMAP proxy server
vm-8.2.0b: VM (View Mail) is an advanced mail user agent for Emacs
wl-2.14.0nb14: Mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support for Emacs
wl- Mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support for Emacs
wmbiff-0.4.26nb27: WindowMaker xbuffy-like "mail-checker"
wmmail-0.64nb3: WindowMaker xbiff-like "mail-checker"
xbiff-1.0.3: Mail notification program for X11
xbuffy-3.4nb2: Replacement for xbiff that handles multiple mail files
xfce4-mailwatch-plugin-1.2.0nb10: Xfce mail checker plugin for the panel
xfmail-1.5.5nb8: Xforms based mail application for Unix operating systems
xmailbox-2.5nb3: Enhanced xbiff, with pixmap and sound support
xmailwatcher-1.6nb3: Mailbox checker which displays sender and subject lines of mails
ytnef-1.9.2nb1: (no description)

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