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Advanced Calculator for GNU Emacs

"Calc" is an advanced calculator and mathematical tool that runs as
part of the GNU Emacs environment.  Very roughly based on the HP-28/48
series of calculators, its many features include:

   * Choice of algebraic or RPN (stack-based) entry of calculations.
   * Arbitrary precision integers and floating-point numbers.
   * Arithmetic on rational numbers, complex numbers (rectangular and
     polar), error forms with standard deviations, open and closed
     intervals, vectors and matrices, dates and times, infinities,
     sets, quantities with units, and algebraic formulas.
   * Mathematical operations such as logarithms and trigonometric
   * Programmer's features (bitwise operations, non-decimal numbers).
   * Financial functions such as future value and internal rate of
   * Number theoretical features such as prime factorization and
     arithmetic modulo M for any M.
   * Algebraic manipulation features, including symbolic calculus.
   * Moving data to and from regular editing buffers.
   * "Embedded mode" for manipulating Calc formulas and data directly
     inside any editing buffer.
   * Graphics using GNUPLOT, a versatile (and free) plotting program.
   * Easy programming using keyboard macros, algebraic formulas,
     algebraic rewrite rules, or extended Emacs Lisp.

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pkgtools/mktools pkgtools/cwrappers

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