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Multi-cast backBone applications

Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 12 items in this directory:

beacon-1.3nb11: Multicast supervision tool
common-mml-1.2.16nb4: Common multimedia library required by mbone tools
dbeacon- Distributed IPv4/IPv6 multicast beacon
mdd-20190819: Multicast file distribution tool
mdp-1.9a5nb1: Multicast file transfer
rat-3.0.28nb10: Robust Audio Tool - multicast audioconferencing
rtptools-1.21nb1: Tools for processing RTP data
miniSAPserver-0.2.4: Mini SAP server from the VideoLan project
vat-4.0b2nb10: The Visual Audio Tool - multicast audioconferencing
vic-2.8nb10: MBONE video conferencing tool
vic-devel- MBONE video conferencing tool
wbd-1.0p4nb9: Multicast WhiteBoarD

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